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“An Experimental Test of Social Network Opportunity, Choice, and Structure in

    Evaluation Updating.” MIT-Harvard Economic Sociology Seminar, Boston University, 

     Questrom (Strategy), Temple University (Information Systems)

 “A Novel Experimental Test of Heterogeneous Social Influence Effects Using Chatbots.”

     Stanford GSB, Conference on Hiring and Organizations 


“Freedom to Act?” Harvard Business School (Entrepreneurship), NYU 

“Co-Founders and Startup Success” Strategic Management Society

“The Cognitive Embeddedness of Competition. Organization Studies Conference, Academy

      of Management



“Strategic Network Formation.” NYU Complex Organizations Workshop NSF/Wharton/MIT 

 Knowledge Conference

“Leaning in or Leaning on?” Carnegie Mellon University

“Freedom to Act?” Academy of Management 


“What’s the Value of Social Capital? A Within-Person Job Offer and Choice Test.”

      American Sociological Association, Academy of Management, Michigan ICOS,

      NYU Stern Strategy, Organizational Theory and Entrepreneurship Brown Bag

 “Social Comparison and Economic Outcomes” (Presider). American Sociological Association

 “A Crowd-Based Evaluation Model in a Business School Setting.” Academy of Management

 “Homophily, Gender-Typing and Backer Activism in Crowdfunding.”  Academy of 

     Management, University of Maryland, NYU Creativity and Innovation Research Initiative


“A Sociological Approach to Strategy.” Dartmouth Strategy Conference

 “Structure, Agency, and Network Formation: A Multidisciplinary Perspective” (Organizer 

      and moderator). NSF/Wharton/MIT Knowledge Conference

“The Impact of Employee-Organization Relational Style (Mis)fit and Turnover and 

      Performance in Microfinance.” Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association

“Social Consideration in Founding Teams.” National Institute of Health, Health Policy 

      Scholars Program



“A Matter of (Relational) Style: Loan Officer Consistency in Contract Enforcement in 

      Microfinance.” MIT Economic Sociology Working Group, Harvard Business School, 

      Cornell Sociology, Duke Fuqua, Organization Science Winter Conference, 

      Academy of Management, NYU Stern Strategy, Organizational Theory and 

      Entrepreneurship Brown Bag



“Social Constraints, Agency, and Institutions in the Formation of Interorganizational Tie 

       Formation and Knowledge Diffusion.” INSNA


“Lifeblood or Liability? Schumpeter, Stinchcombe, and the Double-edged Sword of 

       Strangers in the Startup Process.” CCC 16th Annual Colloquium, MIT-Sloan Organization 

       Studies Group Colloquium, Harvard/MIT Economic Sociology Seminar, 

       Academy of Management, American Sociological Association



“Rivalry and Excludability of Capital: A Study of the Content that Flows across Different 

      Social Ties, Why, and its Implications or Startups.” American Sociological Association



“The Networks Don’t Lie: Social Relationships as a Basis for Differentiating Founding 

       Types.” Academy of Management



“What You Care About or What You Know: Which Mechanism Explains the Intergenerational 

       Transmission of Business Ownership Expectations?” American Sociological Association



“Chip Off the Old Block? Socialization, Information, and Intergenerational Work Role 

        Transmission.” Academy of Management; American Sociological Association



“Hiring Managers’ Race in the Hiring Process.” American Sociological Association

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