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Ongoing large-scale research projects 

  • NSF and Kauffman funded research on strategy, competition, gender and race in the NYC restaurant industry (includes IRS financial data, review data from 5 sites, 1.1 million restaurant menu-items and price data, 900,000 individual reviews, a probability survey of owners’ strategic decisions, and 53 semi-structured interviews with owners about strategic decision-making)

    • ​​How information technology has influenced the distributional returns to restaurants as a function of various firm-specific feature combinations

  • A study of the distributional returns to entrepreneurship and self-employment across industries in America, uses non-anonymized individual tax-return, industry, and geo-spatial data to determine how industry, geography, and time account for the distribution of entrepreneurial rents

    • A focus on how self-employment earnings and market structural changes help explain the rise in inequality in the United States A life-course perspective on initial career choice, including entrepreneurship, and subsequent employment form episodes and trajectories using 100s of millions of person-earnings-year observations 

  • A study of minority and female firm ownership and performance using LBD, LEHD, IRS, and proprietary data to determine: (a) homophily in hiring, (b) employee preferences for same race/gender owners, (c) pay differentials for employees with race/gender homophilous owners, and (d) firm-level performance as a function of employee gender/race composition and ownership homophily

  • Network experimental platform applications concerning evaluation-updating manipulating social network positions and peers’ observable status, gender, and race using chatbots to standardize network content

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